• Court of Louis XV An empire era gown made of fine navy blue dupioni silk, silk-velvet, and a silken jacquard woven print. It is adorned with antique glass pearl and …
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  • Louis XVI -
    Marie Antoinette
    A layered confection of fine silk taffetas and hand cut trims. The bodice is a ccented with vintage cut steal beaded appliqués with fresh water pearl strands …
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  • French Renaissance
    A royal blue and rouge iridescent moiré taffeta doublet adorned with fresh water potato seed and black pearls, vintage Czech glass buttons, gold metallic lace …
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  • Louis Philippe A refurbished vintage cape made of stain crepe. Vintage dyed and embellished with antique jet appliqués …
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  • The Valois
    Louis XII
    Gold silk dupioni over gown accented with brass fleur de les, pearls and trimmed. Matched with a Royal blue silk dupioni under skirt. Accessorized with …
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  • The Valois Henri II A light blue and gold slik jacquard doublet accented with pearls, brass fleur de les and trimmed, detachable sleeves with chocolate brown velvet slats …
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  • Velazquez
    A satin golden brocade bodice hand beaded with Swarovski crystals and golden metallic seed beads accessorized with strands of fresh water pearls and crystals …
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  • Late French
    A dovetailed bodice of polished striped cotton with an overlay of vintage dark brown lace. Trimmed with antique knitted and bugle beaded roudels with beaded fringe …
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